Quick Release Hooks

A few important notes regarding the UMT supply of Quick Release Mooring Hooks:

  • We have taken over the exclusivity from the previous hook supplier to Marimatech which means that quality and performance is well know and the track record is solid
  • We are able to service and upgrade all hooks historically supplied by Marimatech with the original mechanical parts – as sole supplier world wide
  • The hook model will be ATEX certified (non-electrical) during 2018 after which we will be able re-certify the quick release hooks historically supplied (same model)

The Quick Release hooks comes with the following configurations:

  • Size range from 10 Ton to 150 Ton ..larger upon request
  • Tested at 1,5 SWL – witnessed by Bureau Veritas
  • Single, double, triple and quadruple
  • Custom configuration – e.g. back to back
  • Hook arms for mooring buoys
  • With capstan
  • With release system
  • Mooring Load Monitoring (load pins, local display and remote monitoring)

Retrofit solutions:

We have experienced over the years that some hook stations that seem worn out is isolated to the hook arm itself where you have alle the moving parts. the hook base that is boltet to the terminal deck is often still strong and can be refurbished with a sandblast and a new paint. Here there is a possibility to fit a new hook arm to the hook base – this custom retrofit solution will often be an attractive solution as the overall project and installation cost is somewhat more simple than installing a new hook station. Feel free to contact us on this solution.