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Products & Services – Why choose us ?

You choose UMT because of our solid “domain background” and our uncompromising focus on delivering the best possible service and solution.

Our team has been part of the development and supply of perhaps some of the best and most innovative Berthing Aid Systems since the early nineties including the participation in a large number of smaller and major international projects. We have solid experience with everything from bidding process’, specification compliance, documentation tasks, FAT’s, SAT’s etc. AND with this bagage we offer both consultancy and inspection services as well as the supply of new systems, upgrades and similar.

“…we believe in simplicity, connectivity and best possible use of standard components in order to┬ámaximise the value of use and lowest possible cost of operation”

Feel free to go directly from the top menu to your area of interest or see the below “category head lines” first.

Product Categories

Basic Berthing Aid System components (BAS)

  • Laser distance meters – Range up to 300 meters
  • Large display – LED type
  • Trafik-lights/speed-light-tree
  • Desktop control room PC incl. software
  • Pager (portable display)
  • iPad solution incl. carry-on-board PC functionality

Basic Environmental Monitoring System components (EMS)

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Visibility sensors
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Solar radiation
  • Rainfall sensors
  • Wave, tide and current meters

Basic Mooring Load Monitoring components (MLM)

  • Load pins, strain gauge type
  • Amplifier box’s including local display
  • Dedicated software for control room and iPad solution
  • For own mooring hooks or sub supply to other brands

Quick Release Hooks (QRH)

  • Wide range in tonage – from 15-150 ton models
  • Standard single, double, triple and quadruple types
  • Custom models – e.g. back to back or for mooring buoys
  • Standard tested 1,5 SWL – witnessed by Bureau Veritas
  • Capstan option – free standing capstans also available
  • Remote release option

Service, Inspection & Warranty

Standard Service

  • Due to our legacy we are able to service, support and upgrade Marimatech installations
  • We offer to service and upgrade systems of any brand – e.g. as the outcome of an inspection. We will specify, coordinate and execute the job, e.g. in cooperation with the original supplier.
  • If the systems are being serviced and maintained they are build to last for many years why we offer traditional service contracts as well as our 5-year-warranty-programme, see below.


  • This inspection service is tailored for system owners with systems that are somehow not working properly and need a detailed decision making report.
  • The GOS-inspection will systematically go through all components (software, sensors, hooks, boxes etc.)
  • …General functionality; does it work as described, does it fail, how is the operability
  • Overall Condition; Has it been maintained, is it due for replacement or likely to fail in the near future
  • …Safety; Does the equipment represent a safety issue, e.g. ATEX enclosures that are severely corroded, exposed cables, missing shock absorbers on hooks
  • The report is for the system owner to decide what to be done, follow the recommendations, take the report to the original system supplier etc.

5 year warranty programme

  • As the only supplier in the market we offer a 5 year warranty programme with everything included in connection with new deliveries
  • The programme comes with a systematic service programme for the day-to-day maintenance tasks for the terminal crew
  • The system will be inspected yearly by a UMT engineer and parts will be replaced if necessary at no cost
  • The programme ensures a fully working system for a period of 5 years at a known cost for the terminal/system owner

Project Engineering Support/Consultancy

  • As well as offering inspection reporting on any system brand, we offer our many years of experience as interim project engineering support to e.g. EPC contractors.
    (Offering this support on specific projects naturally disables UMT to participate in bidding on these same projects).