Mooring Load Monitoring

When installing load pins in mooring hooks regardless if it is a part of a new delivery of mooring hooks or a refitting on site, you want to be sure that the installation is stable for many years to come. Reliability is extremely important in both operation and durability/product life time = quality is everything !

The UMT load pin has been in the market for more than 15 years and with an extremely high degree of stability in operation and with a warranty replacement percentage below 1%. The load pin rarely need calibration after installation due to a precise calibration and further it is equipped as standard with 4 load cells (double set) in case a set of load cells should fail in operation Рhowever only rarely used. The setup means that as long as the hooks are well lubricated and cables are well protected, the system will stay in operation for many years and with a very low maintenance cost.

Quality that pays off !