Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental sensors and installation needs are many – and importantly these sensors typically need regular service and maintenance in order to maintain a validt output. Due to this, the installation itself is an important part of buying/installing these types of sensors.  E.g. the maintenance of a crane mounted current sensor (horisontal) is easy whereas a sub bottom mounted current sensor/doppler is somewhat more expensive to maintain – one type does not necessarily replace the other, but the overall life time cost is something to consider as the difference may be significant.

We both deliver the systems as part of a Berthing Aid System (integrated) and as a stand alone solution. All depending the installation site we use different suppliers for different needs and we always offer to supply the relevant mounting accessories (masts, brackets, cranes etc.).

Our product range cover:

  • Current meters
  • Wave sensors
  • Tide sensors
  • Wind speed & direction
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Rainfall
  • Dedicated software and communication

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry regarding these systems and we shall do our best to help.