United Marine Technology is a solution- and service provider within Berthing Aid Systems, Mooring Load Monitoring and related equipment.

The company is founded by Mr. Jacob Brinch Nielsen – former director and co-owner of the family based company Marimatech, which was originally founded by his father Erik Brinch Nielsen back in 1988. Through 25 years the company became one of the most recognised suppliers within Berthing Aid System and specialised positioning equipment tailored for especially oil and gas tankers- and terminals.

With this legacy and more than 25 years of accumulated experience, United Marine Technology and its team is now introducing a range of products and services based on a simple philosophy;

“We provide world class customer service and build our systems on solid product- and solution understanding”

In general systems for this specialised market requires solid domain knowledge on why we do what we do, and what challenges may occur – a knowledge that has been accomplished through solid experience. With this foundation of experience, UMT strives to develop and deliver systems that are simple, solid and based on standard industrial components to the extend it is possible. This approach ensures the best possible product life time support, and sets a higher demand for UMT to deliver the best possible customer service !

Our team consists of ressources within management/sales, project management, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering – all with a solid background from the industry. Further our supply chain consists of the most experienced suppliers within this field – in other words United Marine Technology is a safe choice.

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Jacob Brinch Nielsen