Welcome to United Marine Technology !

At UMT you will find a dedicated, specialised and experienced team within Berthing Aid, mooring systems and environmental systems. Our primary target is to ensure that our clients has the best possible solution whether it is our supply or e.g. an upgrade/repair of an existing system. Further we offer our background and knowledge for inspection services and consultancy services – our scope in head lines below:

Among our services you will find:

  • Inspection of existing installations regardless the supplier giving the client a detailed condition report on the installed system. with the report in hand the client is free to choose how and who to rectify problems or upgrade the system. – We will naturally offer our service for the execution of the job in accordance with the clients wishes and expectations.
  • Other consultancy services to terminal owners, EPC contractors within our domain upon request.

Among our supply you will find:

  • Installation of new systems within the scope described above and under “products & services” – typically as part of a major upgrade or replacement job.
  • Installation of new stand-alone sub-systems as e.g. environmental monitoring system (wind, currents, waves etc.).
  • Service, repair and upgrades of existing systems.
    (For systems historically supplied by the former company Marimatech we have solid technical and conceptual knowledge including having access or exclusive rights for more original spare parts – e.g. sole supplier of the original spare parts for the quick release hooks).

It is to be noted that our goal is to give the best possible solution AND service to the client which often means that the best solution is to repair or upgrade the existing system. We strive to reuse well-functioning components/sensors when possible and historically time has shown that a more simple setup will benefit the future use and value of the system. In order to reach the right solution we believe in dialogue either directly with us or through our dedicated local agents.